The Strategy of Betting on eSports

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To date, every company that produces online games, dreams of putting its product in the e-sports program. The growth rate of popularity of this sport is amazing. In this article we wanted to offer 10 interesting facts about e-sports, about the existence of which you could not even hear.

To gather such audiences for sports, to which only 15 are a great achievement. And the popularity of e-sports is captured not only on the Internet. Cyber-contests are actively broadcast on many channels around the world. And such broadcasts collect a crazy audience in number.

E-sports brings huge amounts of money to athletes and betters

As in many other sports in kibreports, if the athlete has become a professional, his life can be said to have been a success. There are a large number of video game enthusiasts who play them for free for 24 hours. Only a few of these gamers outgrow the amateur level. And for earnings in e-sports it is not necessary to be a top player. On e-sports earns attendants, commentators, and, of course, betters. Not all offices have adapted to the new sport, and the line often underestimates the outcomes. This is sure to be used by players, earning good money at the rate.

The largest prize fund of 15 million dollars

Continuing the theme of profitability kiesport, we can not fail to mention the largest prize fund. It was won by the winning team in the DotA competition. The second line in the rating of the biggest prize funds in e-sports was taken by the same Dot 2 with the sum of $ 10 million. In the League of Legends, cases with prizes are slightly more modest. Her biggest prize pool was $ 3 million. The amount is rather large, but compared to Dotoy 2, the difference is significant.

What do you think, who runs more for a duel: tennis player or football player? It's not strange, but it is the tennis player who spends a lot more kilometers per match than a football player. However, both are far from e-sports. They accomplish the greatest number of operations per minute. Here, there is a mouse click and the keyboard is clicked. In the first place on the mouse clicks the game StarCraft 2. On average for a minute the player in this game performs about 300 different operations. And it's all they do in 60 seconds, you just think! Try to conduct such a procedure on your computer, on average you have to do 5 actions in 1 second. The world record in intensity of game belongs to the Asian sportsman who makes 900 operations for one minute.

The birth of eSports is attributed to 1970

In this article we mentioned that the kiosport began to develop after the 2000s. However, it was born back in the 1970s. It was in this year that the first cyber-tournament was held in one of the universities of Stanford. Participants competed in the arcade game shooter. After that, tournaments were already held on such famous games as Donkey Kong, Pacman, Tetris.

It's hard to say why, but it's on the PC, not on the game consoles, that this kind of sport lives. Maybe in Asia they like PC more and that's why this platform is used for esports betting, or maybe on the contrary, in Asia everyone likes eSports and therefore they sit down at the PC. To answer this question is rather difficult, but that the PC is the platform of all the most famous cyber competitions is a fact.

Nevertheless, already today there are small attempts to tie e-sports to game consoles. Yes there to the game! In Asia, there are already cyber competitions on the Android platform.

Russia became the first country in the world where e-sports was officially recognized as a sport discipline. This happened on July 25, 2001. However, in July 2005, e-sports were excluded from the All-Russian Register of Sports. The reason was inconsistency with the criteria necessary for inclusion in the register: development in more than half of the subjects of the country and registered in the prescribed manner sports association.

Well, at the moment, e-sports is officially recognized in South Korea, the United States, Malaysia and some other countries. And Koreans have achieved the recognition of e-sports as an Olympic discipline of the second level - as, for example, racing or chess. True, only at the level of his country. A significant event happened on January 27 this year.

The e-sports market is developing so rapidly that it is sometimes difficult to keep track of it. New organizations and teams are constantly emerging. Some clubs are in the world leader ratings in their disciplines in less than a year of existence. Others of the tops are sent to the backyard, having ceased to participate for a time in LAN-tournaments. Sympathies of eSports-audience are changeable, only winners receive real support. Find out more interesting facts about e-sports from our video.