The Main e-sports Tournaments for 2018

Every year, tournaments are harder and harder to stand out against each other's background. The participants, arenas, unremarkable details in the scenery and the size of the scene change. The names also become longer and more confusing. But try to remember at least one championship from the ESL series and DreamHack for 2017, and you can hardly find differences between them. Tournament organizers try to stand out as they can: where the format will be changed, where the arena will be selected larger. We collected our five with locks and stadiums.


AndreuIn 2017, the tournament operator Epic Esports Events held two events: in the spring in Moscow, the competition for Dota 2, in the autumn - in St. Petersburg for CS: GO. And it was the championship in the Northern capital that caught the attention of non-standard design. Not that the 360 ??degree scene is a rarity. Rather interesting implementation of the project in the style of the game. With its elements, the scene resembled a map of de_nuke: a huge factory area with barrels, tires and transformer booths. The only inconvenience in planning - not all spectators could watch the teams in the booths.

The International

GuillermoThe International is the biggest festival of computer sports. Last year, the best professional teams of the world on Dota 2 played in Seattle $ 11 million, and in 2015 the prize fund will certainly grow. A year ago in the battle for the main prize, the shield "Aegis", in the grand final, the Chinese team NewBee defeated the Chinese from the same ViCi Gaming. However, the triumphs recently flew from the home tournament Dota 2 Asian Championship with a crash, so it's impossible to call them definitive now.

League of Legends World Championship

ivanThe main event of the year for all players in the League of Legends. The previous championship was held in several countries in Asia, and its final part was played at a big stadium in Seoul. The main feature of the tournament was the band Imagine Dragons, who recorded for him a special track Warriors. The current champions are the Korean team Samsung Galaxy White. Most likely, the League of Legends World Championship 2015 will again give us the confrontation between the best teams of South Korea and China.

SPACEWAR start screen!

During the rest of the day, the rest of the university students, vaguely aware of what they were talking about, passed by the campus bulletin board and, inspired by free beer and also the opportunity to get a subscription to the most popular magazine, adjusted the plans for this evening. So, at 20:00 on October 19, 1972 the key event for computer sport took place. In a small laboratory room, much of which was occupied by the computer itself, a couple of dozens of students crowded together drinking beer and sick for the kids, who were hacking each other in Spacewar !

It looks like a nice bike about the old days, is not it? But this is not just a legend. The event was attended by a journalist who wrote an article about the enormous potential of a computer that will help people in their creativity and change society, for the Rolling Stones. In December 1972, this article came out with the signature "Stuart Brand - sports reporter." In it, the author presented the world's first e-sports event as a seething and exciting action, described and exalted the skill of the players, as if they were star athletes: "these majestic people with their flying machines are paving the way for advanced technologies." So was born eSports.

However, at that time, most of them did not understand this, but simply did not know about the existence of video games. After all, that Stanford computer was one of the few powerful devices in the world. For ordinary people, they would not have been available for many more years, if there were no arcade consoles and machines. The primitive slot machine Pong, released by Atari in the same year of 1972, was a ping-pong simulator, and though popular, did not give the right impetus to the industry, but it determined the direction of its development.